Extractions may be necessary if a tooth is unrestorable, or occasionally for orthodontic reasons. Written post-op instructions are provided.

A pre-operative xray helps to determine the number and length of the roots, as well as proximity to any adjacent nerves or the maxillary sinus.  Occasionally a supplementary OPG (full xray of the jaws) may be necessary if it is not possible to identify all important structures, eg, the nerve supplying sensation to the lower lip, on a smaller xray.

Referral to a specialist may be offered if it is thought that the extraction may be of special difficulty. This may be done via a private referral to an Oral Surgeon, which may be covered by health insurance policies, eg, VHI, Laya, or referral to Cork Dental Hospital, or via the HSE system if the treatment is covered on the medical card.

This is a link to the Cork Dental Hospital advice sheet on dental extractions.

This is a link to the Cork Dental Hospital information sheet relating to post operative care following surgical procedures.